Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What Greedy Hands Want: Smashbox Fall 2008: Wicked Lovely Collection

Oh me, oh my...when I saw this in my new Ulta mailer, I immediately started to make my mental list of what to try and get for Smashbox's up coming fall collection. The creme liner trio with the loose shimmer and the brown lipgloss are screaming to me.

It's a perfect summer day here in New England and I spent at the beach..and here I am planning my fall make up run lol. XD

For tomorrow, I have a review of MAC's Electro Flash mineral eyeshadows and MAC's Sonic Chic mineral blushers along with a face of the week. ^_^

So are you drooling for Smashbox?

~MC <3

Sunday, July 13, 2008

MC's Quest forTHE Perfect Mascara: Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara

So out with the Cargo Texas Lash that was a waste of money and 3 months of use, in comes Dior Diorshow Black Out Mascara.

I'm rather fond of the original Dior Show mascara. It's a nice, rich black that does a wonderful job lengthening, giving lots of volume that I crave, and wears incredibly well. There is a slight difference between Black Out and regular Dior show: There is a lot of kohl added into Black Out that makes lashes even darker and richer, and more extreme then the original.

So can I tell the difference between "rich black" and "extreme black"?

To be perfectly honest, the Black Out mascara does seem slightly darker, but the formula is basically the same as the original Diorshow. Admittedly, as much as I like Diorshow, I do find Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black Mascara to be a better alternative when I don't want to shell out $24 for a mascara. Unfortunatly, it looks like Bourjois is going the way of the Dodo at Sephora and that makes me sad. :(

The Verdict on DiorShow Black Out: It's pretty damn good. A nice rich black mascara that hardly clumps, gives you sexy thick lashes, and wears amazingly well through the day. Just get the waterproof version if you decide to wear it in the water. I made the mistake of wearing this on a day I was at the beach and it did come off in the water. ^_^;;

Got a mascara recommendation I should try next? Let me know what I should try!!! XD


Thursday, July 10, 2008

MC'S Face of the Week: MAC Neo Sci Fi and MAC Solar Field

Life has been a world wind of beach, work, and preparing for Otakon, so I apologize for the lack of articles. Rest assure though, I have a few that I will be pumping out in the next week. ^_^

This Face of the Week came from a comment I left on the lovely Muse's blog combining colors from MAC's Neo Sci fi collection and MAC's Solar Field Solar Bits Pigments collection. I already mentioned that I am a sucker for a good smoky eye and this is currently my favorite smoky eye to rock for the summer. It's not to heavy and yes, I do wear this during the day into the night. MAC's Black Ore Solar Bits have a gorgeous golden sheen in it which makes this very wearable in the daytime.

Anyhoo..on to the pictures. ^_^


Close up on my eye.


Full face. Excuse me for looking tired and blah. It is hot as hell where I'm at and I was "glowing" (sweating) lol. My hair is also pulled back because it's hot out. :(

Colors and Products used:

Highlight: MAC Solarbits in Scatterays
Contour, partial lid, and lower liner: MAC Solarbits in Black Ore
Inner Corner: MAC Neo Sci Fi eyeshadow in Expensive Pink (I order everyone reading this to go out and get that eyeshadow color NOW!!! It is by far the most versatile eyeshadow color you will ever own.)
Mascara: Dior Diorshow Blackout Mascara (review will follow for my quest for the perfect mascara)

Pout Cheek to Cheek Cream Color in Coral Nymph and Bronze Siren (Sadly, Pout does not make cosmetics anymore. :()

MAC Cremestick Lipliner in Beurre
MAC Neo Sci Fi Lipstick in Sci Fi Delity
MAC Neo Sci Fi Lipglass in Soft and Slow

And because I am such a show off, here is my new haircut/style for the rest of summer:


Well? Tell me what you think.

Do you have your MAC on?

Thumbs up?

Thumbs down?


~MC <3