Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bare Escentuals Rocker Eye Review and a "Rocker" Look...

Smokey eyes and 80's metal: Two things I love in life...

I'll admit it: I mainly bought the Bare Escentuals Tutorials Rocker Eye Set for the brush. Yes, I actually shelled out $38 for the brush that came with this set. That is not to say that I don't like the shadows..quite the contrary, I love them.

My massive beef with BE kits is what you get for the price. I think you should get full sized pots of shadow if you are paying $38 for an eye shadow set, not small little pots...but I digress...I love BE eye I guess I can be

I do love many of the BE Tutorial sets. They usually come with great brushes. The Rocker eye has got to my favorite one to come out thus far because not only do you get the great Rock and Roll Brush (a duel ended end with a small, fat bristled smudger brush and the other a thick, almost caligraphy brush style eyeliner brush that is great for lining inner rims), you get 3 AMAZING shadow colors. Black Leather liner shadow (an intense blacker then black), 1980's Eyecolor (A really flattering metallic chrome grey that is very popular for fall looks this year), and Rock Star Eyecolor (Sparkly smokey grey). My beef again: They are not full size pots of eye color...and...they are only in this set, you can not buy these shades seperately.

Anyhoo..the brush. It is my new favorite brush for eyes. It blends the colors so beautifly into the crease. To me, this kit with brush and the amount of eye shadows you recieved should have been about $32, but I am going to quit complaning about the price and amount of shadow you recieve because really, you get a really great end result. (See below) XD

To compliment the look ironically, I just had the front of my hair colored fuschia because I was feeling adventurous and wanted to do something crazy colored to my hair one last time before I hit 30 in 2 years lol. My lovely friend Alice dubbed my hair "Rock Star Hair" why not go all out and do a Rock Star Face of the Week? XD

Photobucket Image Hosting

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Lid: BE 1980's eye color
Crease: BE Rockstar eye color
Liner: BE Black Leather liner shadow
Mascara: Too Faced Pin Point Lash Injection (My next mascara review coming up)

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Bare Escentuals 100% Natural Lip Color Lipstick in Rose Crepe (a Sephora exclusive)

And just to show that I can actually smile instead of pout:

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(I look like a massive dork smiling, this is why I prefer pout pictures lol)

Anyhoo, lemme know what you think..I am going to go listen to some Alice Cooper circa 1986. ^_^