Thursday, February 4, 2010

Look of the Week: UD Alice in Wonderland Look #1: Alice

This look was taken right off the Urban Decay's Steal our Looks Page. It's Spring 2010's Alice look.

Full Face:

Eye Close Up:

Lid: Mad Hatter eyeshadow (Dark Brown)
Lower eye: Flipside eyeliner (bright Blue), Alice (Turquoise) eyeshadow, and Midnight Tea Party (light beige) eyeshadow.

How to do the eyes:

1. Using a plush shadow brush, blend Mad Hatter over your lids, extending slightly out of the corners of your eyes.
2. Line 3/4 of the lower rim of your eyes with Flipside Eyeliner. You want to start about 1/4 of the way out from the inner rim and work it out to the outer rim. Extend slightly out of the corners and have it meet just under the Mad Hatter that is on the upper lid.
3. Using an eyeliner brush, trace over the Flipside liner with Alice eyeshadow.
4. Using an eyeliner brush line the bottom inner and outer rim with Midnight Tea Party.
5. Brush your lashes with mascara. I used Benefit Bad Gal Plum instead of a black mascara to make the colors pop out more.

I finished the look with Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzing powder on my cheeks and Jill Stuart Lip Lacquer in Red Fox.

This makes for a great party look..though yes I would wear this out as every day makeup lol.

Love and Hugs,
MC <3

Product Rave: Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland's Book of Shadows

Every have your gut tell you to wait for something better? My gut did that to me in November when Urban Decay came out with their Book of Shadows II. I was so unimpressed with the Book of Shadows II, that opted to get Shadow Pony instead and wait for what would come from Urban Decay...

Then in January, I was doing my daily reading of Muse's Blog and feasted my eyes on her review of something..something I wanted bad. Something I already knew I had a lot of the shades of in my shadow collection..that something was Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland's Book of Shadows! 16 of Urban Decay's best selling shadows renamed into the whimsical names you read in Alice in Wonderland...It was love at first sight. I love Alice in Wonderland, plan on seeing the Johnny Depp version when it comes out...I got excited...

But then I realized that I already own a good number of shadows that are in this set. What does a girl do in that case? Easy!!! I sold off some of my similar shades to a friend so I could justify purchasing this Book of Shadows.

Was it worth it?


The colors range from sparkly neutrals to bright vibrant purples and blue to smoky and sparkly grey and black. One complaint from some people is that there are too many glittery shades. I like glitter, so YAY MOAR FOR ME!!! ^_^

Seriously though, think about it: You do get a lot for $52. 16 high quality shadows that are univerally flattering, 2 high quality pencils (which are about an inch shorter than the standard 24/7 pencil), and a deluxe sample size Primer Potion. I've heard people complain about the price but consider buying ANY of these individually. As someone who has been buying high end cosmetics since she was 13 (and I'm 29 now), I can see the value that I recieved in this.

I'm very very happy with this. Here are some pics of my set:

I'll be posting several looks that can be created from this one set in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned. ^_^

Love and Hugs,
MC <3

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holy Crap! Longtime No Posts?!?!?!

So for anyone who is reading my blog, I apologize for the LONG DELAY in posting here. Real life caught up to me in a 20 fold and a lot has changed with my life since 9/11/08 (my last post). I forgot I even had a blog since I have been crazy busy until a friend of mine reminded me of this blog and suggested I restart it...

So I'm BACK!!! I may be changing the format of this blog slightly, but not by much. My first big review will be later this week when recieve the first product I want to talk about from ^_^ I will also be adding some tips and techniques I picked up over the years on applying make up as well as some general babble about other crap.

So come back later this week for new stuff.

For now, you can entertain yourself with this picture of my cat, Fried Rice:

Love and Hugs,